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Originally Posted by Glock&Schpeel View Post

My first G23 was a gen 2 and it had a sharp, nasty recoil. I don't know if I'm getting older and/or better or if it's older and less sensitivity in my hands but I sold that one and bought a G23 3rd gen and WOW, what a difference. I can barely tell it from a G19. I'm shooting 165gr reloads and 180gr factory and they're both great.

For me the gen 3 is so much better than the gen 2 that I'm starting to wonder why I still own a G19 !
I must have the best of both worlds. My 3rd Gen Glock 23 has a Gen 2 grip. I recently ground off the finger humps and stippled the frontstrap because my middle finger sat on top of the hump instead of in between. I love it now.
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