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Originally Posted by Hound_dogs_01 View Post

1. Now is there anything I need to do to it right out of the box other than a once over and lube it up well?

Every one is a little different, of course.

Mine required polishing and refitting of the magazine release and beveling of the firing pin retainer plate. The gun wouldn't cam over the hammer because the retainer plate was square and sharp at the bottom. Most manufacturers radius this part at the bottom, not Ruger. Also, it will need new mainspring and recoil spring to get it smoothed out to your liking. And, like most other 1911 pistols, it will require a trigger job to be useful for anything other than spraying lead around.

Some guys have reported issues with the safety and detent pin interface.

2. Those of you that reload for your SR1911 what OAL are you using for 200gr SWC bullets?

Depends on the bullet design. This question has no, one, right answer. Sorry. The gun will tell you what it likes.

3. Are they pickey on ammo or will they eat anything I give it?

Mine is forgiving of ammo type. I mostly use lead in it since with play with reactive targets.

4. What pound recoil spring comes in them from the factory?

Extra Heavy. Typical Ruger -- over sprung and under-fitted.

Enjoy your new pistol.
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