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Congratulations!!!! My 1911 eats whatever I feed it. Problem wants to eat a lot.

I mainly shoot 230grain FMJ. Reloads, cheap, expensive.... mine keeps shooting. I've been playing around with oil vs. grease. I like the FrogLube for lots of places and as a general coating. But I am now using a generic high-temperature synthetic grease (bought at Ace Hardware) on my rails. Seems to be working great. When I get to shoot 300 rounds in one session I was noticing a very dry gun. I didn't like that. The grease is sticking around well and I haven't had any issues.

I have over 1400 rounds through a two-month old Sig Sauer without a single error.

I don't know specifics about your Ruger, but I suggest you shoot the heck out of it before making too many changes. It should already be a pretty good pistol.

Best of luck!!!
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