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Originally Posted by edteach View Post
You mean more than the guy who took us into two unpaid for wars while giving tax cuts, and not able to get Osama? The guy who ran us off the fiscal cliff and leaving a train wreck for Obama? More than that guy? Yes I think Obama has done very well considering a republican congress that has only his defeat a heart. I think people like Mit that does not know what a callous is, or the several idiots like Joe Walsh who said that women's lives are never in danger with child birth among several other stupid statements or Akin who said that if women are really raped they can't get pregnant because the body shuts down, or the idiot from Ohio is it, that said that if a women get pregnant from rape its part of gods plan. LMAO I never knew god used rape, well I have read the bible and nothing would I put past that sadistic crap hole god of the old and new testament. LOL. The Republican party had better start getting rid of the far right evangelical idiots who think the Earth is 6k yo and that Evolution is only a "theory" and they have no idea what a theory means. Stupid people following other stupid people.
You mean if Obama should get reelected heaven forbid. He will have 4 more years to put us more trillions in debt. More unemployment. 4 more years of blaming Bush. Have we forgotten that he had a Demarcate control of the house and Senate for his first two years? That they could cut off the funding for the two wars. And could do whatever they wanted. Obama has done nothing but help destroying the United States economy. He is the only U.S. president that has bowed to other foreign country leaders.
When will the left wing ever learn that a president has nothing he can do or can change anything to do with abortion?
I guess if you tell a lieís long enough. The ill-informed will start believing them.
Yep a community organizer really knows how to run this country. Not.
Yes you can blame Bush for his first two years. But after that itís all on Obama.
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