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Well I drank the kool-aid...

Went and put my deposit down on a new SR1911 this morning. My first good mid-quality 1911. This one I am going to keep since the lady friend is buying it for my Christmas this year. My last 1911 venture was a RIA Match and we just didnt click and I hit some hard times and it was first to go. I get the next one that comes in(sometime between now and Thanksgiving)

1. Now is there anything I need to do to it right out of the box other than a once over and lube it up well?

2. Those of you that reload for your SR1911 what OAL are you using for 200gr SWC bullets?

3. Are they pickey on ammo or will they eat anything I give it?

4. What pound recoil spring comes in them from the factory?

Thanks for all your help!!

Btw I think I got it for a steal at $695 out the door! I've yet to even hold a new one thats not a shop rental gun that everyone and their brother has put it through the ringer..

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