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I purchased a glock 23 last week and have already gone to town changing the grip. I traded my 17 for it. The recoil is a bit snappier. My 45 xd pushed just as hard but felt smoother. The plan originally was to get a 40 to 9 conv barrel, which I can see my self using most the time. It's manageable and at 20 yards I couldn't see too much difference on accuracy. I train by having my brother load my mags and mix in 1 or 2 dummy rounds to check flinch. Learn to take the recoil instead of fighting it. For reference, shot the 26 side by side with the 23 and the 23 is still much harder. 9mm is more enjoyable to me, probably slightly quicker on the follow up but to each his own. Can't go wrong with either.
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