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Originally Posted by fireguy129 View Post
Just for the record, volunteers are just as able to attain the certifications. We've got EMT's in our department, along with Pro Board Certified members from Haz Mat ops and FF1 to Fire Officers and Fire Inspectors. No pay involved.

yep. My FD is 100% volunteer, and we interact with paid FF at the county level. There is absolutely no difference in training, qualifications, recerts...since they all do the same training.

For medical it's a bit different. Most towns have 1st responders and EMT-Bs only, some towns have volley medics, all towns are also covered by a paid service of EMT-B driver + EMT-P on a bus...and every single (official) vehicle with the "star of life" on it has a defibrillator on it, and everyone that touches that vehicle (ie, takes it off the lot) must be certified on CPR/AED.
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