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well I shot the 10mm yesterday with my test loads. The gun did still have a few hiccups. I had 1 FTE, 2 FTF and 2 light primer strikes. I did install the striker spring that came with the increased recoil lb spring from wolff. I think the new spring is what caused the light primer strikes. One of the failure to feed was from me hitting and knocking the slide release lever into the up position upon firing the gun. And I know the FTE was from me limp wristing, I was trying to prop the gun on the shooting table for more stability and only used one hand and that was when the problem occurred.

Over all I only have 1 FTF that was unexplained and it was probably due to a little limp wristing and me lightly hitting the slide release but that is not confirmed. Like I have said in my other post this gun is not a self defense gun and will only be used for hunting. So 100% reliability is not that crucial but will be nice to achieve. Where I live and hunt the "most dangerous game" i will be up against is Coyotes and the occasional small black bear which is very very very rare and occasional hog which is also very very rare.

Now the accuracy of my test loads was very good. I shot only at 15 and 25 yards free handed except for the feeble try at bracing the gun on the shooting table. The targets used was el chepo paper plates taped to a cardboard backing.

15 yard targets shot 3 different strings

target 1 ----7 shots 5 hits all within 11 o clock position with 4" other 2 was right off to the left of the plate.

target 2----- 8 shots 7 hits used better trigger control and took my time grouping 3 1/2" with the one off the target and 1 flyer, if flyer counted spreed was 5".

target 3---- 7 shots 7 hits closet 3 shot grouping was less than 1 1/2" but if all was counted 6" spreed ; (.

25 yards paper plate

Target 1 ------- 4 shots 3 hits grouping was at the 11 o clock position on paper plate. The grouping of the 3 shots was around 3 1/2" and with the flyer on the card board about 5-6" ( the flyer was at the 12 O clock position about 2" high of the plate.

I had another target that I shot at 25 yards but seemed to have lost it, from what I can remember the accuracy was about the same possibly a little worst that target 1 at 25 yards.

Now this is still overall a stock Glock 20sf with less than 150rds thru the gun it has a increased wolff recoil spring of 20lbs installed. Now I love all of my glocks very very much but I did shoot my 1911 the same day at 25 yards and was able to connect with 6 out of 7 shots. I shot 3 rounds took a rest for a few seconds then shot 4 more, the first grouping was less than 1 1/2" and second was 2" with flyer off to the 9 o clock position of plate. But this was with a lite loaded 45acp.
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