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Originally Posted by Providence View Post
As I see it, the 2nd amendment needs our continual support. The idea of limiting gun rights is pervasive. I've talked to gun store employes who don't understand the song amendment. We never stop. And for me it's a stepping stone to a desire to retain and many times, re-establish out liberties. This is not a party issue, unless you are libertarian. Both dims and Repubs have been guilty of restricting gun rights.

As far as this election goes, O. has said he wants more gun control (awe and handgun control) , while R. Has said he does not.
I agree with your words, Providence. I fear the passion among some Republican politicians for preserving 2A has waned because they value getting elected/re-elected more. The huge economic problems we have now and going forward may dilute or draw attention away from the fight over gun rights; the path to compromise in Congress on the big issues could be a slippery slope.

If Obama wins, our 2A rights will be in greater jeopardy than ever before because of his disdain for firearms and the court appointments he will be able to push through. In a second term, he can afford to be more bold, and he will try to chalk up as many progressive agenda wins as possible.

Our fight doesn't end tonight if Obama wins; it just begins.

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