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Originally Posted by KY Moose View Post
The problem would be if an employee contracted something while using those gloves. Theres always the possibility that workers comp could deny the claim and drag the claim out. That equals more costs to the employee who has to pay out of pocket.

Having worked as a supervisor this could also make you a liable party in a law suite for not providing proper PPE to prevent an exposure. Not to mention OSHA fines.

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I never said it was a good idea to use non tested/labeled product. I merely pointed out the difference (or lack thereof).

You can also take it further. Why not use double packed sterile gloves? That is much safer to the patient. Also, why allow latex? Some people have allergies to latex and that is one of the reasons to use nitrile gloves. Where do you want to stop?

FWIW we use double packed, sterile nitrile gloves.

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