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I don't want to get embroiled in the argument that has pretty much dominated this thread, but I do want to offer a comment or two from the sidelines. By the way, I'm a Republican through and through, not a troll or a mole or an agitator.

First, I have Democrat friends and acquaintances who love guns and shooting, belong to gun forums, NRA and clubs for sportsmen. They love to hunt. They CC and protect their families with firearms. These guys respect and defend their 2A right to bear arms just like we do. They work and pay taxes, go to church and look after aging relatives.

Not all Democrats are flaming progressive liberals, just like not all Republicans are raging far-right conservatives. Between the two extremes is where most of us find a comfortable spot. My Demo friends are closer to the middle; some are strong Right To Life advocates; all are disgusted by government waste and social program abuses. These guys are good, gun lovin' Americans who happen to be Democrats. They are not socialist/Marxist/commies. Nor are they stupid.

Because we are so inundated with disgusting progressive crap from Maddow, Matthews, O'donnell, Sharpton, Schultz, MSNBC, Comcast and others, we tend to lump all Demos in with the radicals. Actually, that demonization isn't fair. And, we need their party to make the system work. Constructive legislation can only be enacted when both parties find a way to come together. God knows we need for that to happen in 2013.

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