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Originally Posted by certifiedfunds View Post
They said they aren't voting for the renewal tax or the new one either.
Ha. How does that go? Oh yeah, proof or it didn't happen. I may be young, but not born yesterday. No medical professional in their right mind would turn away that level of care at a reasonable cost. Sure, $500 a year is a lot, depending on your income. I seriously doubt the average taxpayer is going to be shelling out anywhere near that. We'll all be laughing when your average taxpayer decides they do want Johnny and Roy coming to save them.

By the way, EMT-Paramedics perform those interventions just mentioned. That's what a paid fire program with fire paramedics buys you. The progression goes as such: First Responder, EMT-Basic and then EMT-Paramedic. Volunteers are typically trained to the First Responder level, which takes about 2 months to complete at 2 classroom days a week. Basic typically takes one semester beyond First Responder of training. Paramedic requires that and a two year associate degree. That's not even counting the fire courses. I have just under three years invested in my training. And once get what you pay for.
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