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Originally Posted by 12131 View Post
If your worried about it, leave one less round in your mags or rotate them on a regular basis. I don't see any need to do that though.
OK, since you're so smart, here's English lesson of the day. Striking out part of your last paragraph and leaving the last sentence intact, as above, makes any sense to you?
Since it's already established that leaving the mag fully loaded for years does not affect its function, what's the point of being "worried about it"? Hence, I struck out your entire last paragraph.

That concludes the lesson for the day. You 're welcome, sir/ma'am . Get yourself some sense of humor, will you?

Btw, I leave my mags fully loaded for years, too. Never had a problem.

It's too bad that there isn't a go pound salt smilie since writing what I really want to would cost me an infraction.

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