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A Maritime 1911

I do a fair amount of work around water, not to mention on a boat, and as I've decided to transition over to a 1911 as my EDC, I'm starting to think about how to make one fit for that kind of environment. The desert and the sea are said to be two environments the 1911 doesn't handle well. Don't plan on going to the desert anytime soon, but I'd like to solve the sea problem.

I'm not going to abuse my Baer more than I already have, so I'll need something new to start with. I'm thinking I'd like something with a rail, and a Government-sized frame. Mostly going between the Rail Gun and one of Springfield's many iterations of the Operator, and honestly leaning towards the Rail Gun, just 'cause, you know, America.

Here's the real question, though: I'm assuming I'll need to get it refinished. What am I looking for? The HE coating on my HK P30 has handled salt water like a champ, but I doubt HK'd be willing to perform that process on somebody else's gun.

Any particular reliability smithing I should get done?
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