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As a Bullseye shooter, I've tested a lot of brands and types in my guns, and haven't found anything to exceed the reliability or accuracy of CCI Standard Velocity. It won't lock the slide back on my Hammerli on the last shot, so it is too weak for some semi-autos, I'm sure, but it does cycle every round. I've tried the CCI Green Tag and didn't see any difference in reliability or accuracy over the cheaper Standard Velocity (in my gun...). It's sub-sonic so probably not good for semi-auto pistols.
Wolf Match Target is just as accurate, smells different.
The regular CCI stuff is a bit stouter for semi-autos, and is almost as accurate as the Standard Velocity in my shooting. I use Peters 500 round high velocity bulk packs (brown box) for training and general plinking. Great ammo and great pricing.

The only thing I will not buy is Remington Bulk pack stuff.
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