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Self-Yeap , I been working hard to be ready for this..!
Dog-Does that mean more time on your PC...?
Myself-Can't wait , this has been the longest 8 weeks in my life.!
Self- You'll notice (-I-) ain't around , Banned , Ball transplant.!
Myself-Yeah , no time for fear , just smarts and get up and do it.!
Self-Can't wait to play again , I'm back , I'M BACK , Look out world , Dman is back ! You don't know what I have planned ?
Myself- Woodshop , katana , shooting , XXX , Shhhh..!
Self-I've really missed my hobbies big time........!
Myself-I can finally escape the women . I do love them but...?
Self-Yeap , a 12 year old 60 year old , the way it should be..!
Myself-Not allowed to drink but I may have to sneek one shot.!
Well , this may be the end of an Epic insanity but got things to do . I'll be around , always............!
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