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Originally Posted by Jerry View Post
As typical of liberal socialists you fail to comprehend what is written. The only parts of a sentence or paragraph you recognize is that which fits your agenda. I said if Romoney was going to try. I even put "try" in quotes.I also stated he couldn't.

As for Bush. Again he wasn't the greatest thing since sliced break but The Obaminaton isn't equal to a wart on George W's but.

Your "OPINION" is FUBAR. No one here agrees with it but in typical liberal fashion you are going to insist we agree with you. Time to crawl back under the rock you crowded out from under.
My insisting that you agree with me is a weak straw man argument. I simply call things as I see them. But, I also call things as they are shown. I commented on totalitarianism and the right. Well, the right has shown themselves to be exactly as I have described. From Nixon with his professional burglars; to Bush with his illegal wire taps, sneak and peak, the attacking the wrong countries. It is all the same un-American totalitarian leanings in this land of freedom. And for those who support such activities, you are tainted by the acts of tyrants you support, be they elected or unelected. I donít have to make up anything, the actions of these perpetrators and the actions of their supporters are proof enough.

Do I care if you agree with me? NOPE, donít care one bit. You guys on the right lie to yourselfs and among your selves, but written history is there for the record. Itís all there. You who support such un-American actions love to shoot the messengers, when you should be condemning the guilty among your group. You donít have to agree with me at all.
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