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Originally Posted by Gpruitt54 View Post
If you are tired of repeating yourself, then stop.

I find it interesting that if you knew that Romney take your and my guns,you would still vote for him. So,despite what many here believe about their second amendment, you don’t careabout that. Hummm! These sudo-American leanings appear as a commonand frightening thread among some Repubs, in their love of totalitarians anddictators. This thinking is total oppositeof what the U.S Constitution supports. Doesthis imply that some Repubs are Americans in name only? Meaning that at the drop of a hat, those typeswill revert to their true stripes; Taliban minded individuals who wrapthemselves in the America flag?

When you listed what you consider the worst president, you forgot to includethe textbook version of a worst possible American president; George W Bush (alsoa totalitarian). All those unnecessarily dead and disfigured Americans areproof of that.

It easy to see why totalitarian types love “W”… Birds of a feather.
As typical of liberal socialists you fail to comprehend what is written. The only parts of a sentence or paragraph you recognize is that which fits your agenda. I said if Romoney was going to try. I even put "try" in quotes.I also stated he couldn't.

As for Bush. Again he wasn't the greatest thing since sliced break but The Obaminaton isn't equal to a wart on George W's but.

Your "OPINION" is FUBAR. No one here agrees with it but in typical liberal fashion you are going to insist we agree with you. Time to crawl back under the rock you crowded out from under.

Liberal: Someone who is so open-minded their brains have fallen out.
Guns are not dangerous, people are.

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