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Originally Posted by Marshall_tx View Post
I just got back from the range and cleaning my Glock, I noticed there were marks on the inside of the barrel that would not get cleaned off. I know Glocks can go to hell and back without needing any cleaning but is this corosion happening inside the barrel? Also, on the slide where the barrel protrudes from the front of the slide there are ridges in the slide . Is this normal to happen? It's only on the top contact where the barrel sticks out from.

Thanks for any advice
Wow. You take fabulous pictures! Those are tough photos to produce; and you've got them clear as glass.

Rustypigeon has given you good advice. In addition to the phosphor-bronze brush, I'd suggest you use a cleaner like Break-Free CLP; and let it sit in the barrel overnight before you start brushing. (You can, also, use Flitz Metal Polish and start brushing immediately without waiting.)

I think your bore will clean up fine; as for the barrel bushing in the slide? I don't know; but you have mentioned that it's got, 'depth' to it. That groove shouldn't be there; but, if this is the case, it's really not going to adversely affect the pistol's performance.
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