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Originally Posted by DaleGribble View Post
Non-union professional leach (CCEMT-P) weighing in here.

And what you are failing to consider is the level of service your department provides and it's impact on your community.

"They did fine as an all volunteer department." Bull****! I've been in this business a while and have seen the differences between a well run paid department and a well run volunteer department and the differences are as obvious as night and day.

Volunteer departments have less training, longer response times and do not perform nearly as well as paid departments. I've seen it, I've lived it and I've seen more than one person DIE because of it and that's not an exaggeration.

When you or your loved ones are laying on the floor dying while waiting on the volunteers to get to the station to get a truck and then have guys show up that aren't as proficient with their skills because they don't use them that often, you can feel proud that you saved some money and got rid of those worthless paid firefighters!
Willing to take that risk. Served us fine for 50 yrs. Been here for 41. Haven't yet heard of anyone dying because the first responders were incompetent.

What else ya got other than scare tactics?

Btw, we also have private emt/paramedic/ambulance services here.
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