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Originally Posted by Jerry View Post
I get really tired of repeating myself and dealing with people that don't seem to have the brain power that God gave a rock.

BUSH, NOR "ANYONE" IN THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT "other than the ATF under orders from the Chief of the New Orleans Police Department STOLE FIREARMS. Again it was the Demorat mayor, Demorat Chief and Demorat Governor.

90% of gun control bills have come from Demorat controlled congresses. Yes, some were signed by Republican presidents. But why not? If he vetoes the Congress will just overrule him and put it into law. You do know how the three branches work right? I doubt it!

There is only ONE REASON The Obomination has not "SIGNED" any gun legislation. CONGRESS HASN'T SENT HIM ANYTHING TO SIGN. Why? Because they know to do so would guarantee they WILL NOT BE REELECTED. Why didn't The Obomination push for any gun restrictions? He knows it would have GUARANTEE him loosing the upcoming election.

You really need to stop drinking the Coll-Ade get your head out of your but and research what kind of man you are touting as your savor.

If I knew for fact Romney was going to "try" to take my firearms I'd still vote for home over The Obimination for the sake of the nation. There isn't a doubt in my mind that the present Republican majority Congress WILL NOT present Romney with any gun control bills. There is not a doubt in my mind that if The Obomanation gets reelected he WILL try something through EXECUTIVE ORDER. The UN is chomping at the bit for his reelection for that one purpose. Perhaps you have forgotten or, I'm willing to bet, you don't even know about The Obominations declaration to the Russians... "I'LL HAVE MORE FLEXIBILITY ONCE ELECTED".

He bows to Muslims disrespect the Queen of England and heads of state of other European countries. The Europeans dislike him and the Middle East knows how week he is. He and his administration just got our people killed then LIED ABOUT IT for weeks. They also had a man arrested for making a movie. Since when is there a law against making movies?

I could go on an on showing you what a POS he is but your head is so far up his but you can't see daylight.

Do I think Romney is the greatest thing since sliced bread. NO!. Do I know absolutely for a facts that The Obomination is the worst president we have ever had. ABSOLUTELY!!!!!!

Get you head out of you arss and do some unbiased research.

If you are tired of repeating yourself, then stop.

I find it interesting that if you knew that Romney take your and my guns,you would still vote for him. So,despite what many here believe about their second amendment, you dont careabout that. Hummm! These sudo-American leanings appear as a commonand frightening thread among some Repubs, in their love of totalitarians anddictators. This thinking is total oppositeof what the U.S Constitution supports. Doesthis imply that some Repubs are Americans in name only? Meaning that at the drop of a hat, those typeswill revert to their true stripes; Taliban minded individuals who wrapthemselves in the America flag?

When you listed what you consider the worst president, you forgot to includethe textbook version of a worst possible American president; George W Bush (alsoa totalitarian). All those unnecessarily dead and disfigured Americans areproof of that.

It easy to see why totalitarian types love W Birds of a feather.
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