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Originally Posted by jupiter View Post
I've been a member here a long time. In general, I agree with your comments far more than I disagree. In this case, we'll just agree to disagree.

One thing i've learned for sure!
Never use an IPad with auto-correct when posting on Glocktalk. It sucks
Made me chuckle about the auto-correct thing.

Not sure where we really disagree on anything. Nobody wants to see reductions in quality, right?

I simply don't think that any and all changes made by manufacturers (or their vendors) should automatically be suspected of having been done to "cut corners & costs", at the expense of quality.

I do, however, think that sometimes a change (revision, vendor spec change, etc) that's made for ease of manufacturing - which may, or may not, be solely for cost-cutting - might result in something that's unexpected (by both the manufacturer and the consumer).

Returning to the "previous method" may not automatically always be the answer, although some adjustment may certainly be in order, allowing the new method (process, etc) to continue to be used.

I don't concern myself with other folks always (or ever) agreeing with me. I change my own opinions all the time, especially when experience indicates it's appropriate.
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