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Originally Posted by wprebeck View Post
Oh, and do you have any clue how many gloves we go through in a day? Didn't think so. Depending on the position, one may search anywhere from a dozen to nearly 100 people per day, not counting fights.
100 people per day? How long is this shift? 10 hours? You're searching and swapping gloves once every 6 minutes with no breaks? I bet that gets old.

200 gloves per day would be too many for you to purchase yourself, I agree.

I noticed you again belittled the job of someone in public safety.

Not a big surprise - but, you're too much of a sissy to do it yourself, so someone has to.
Were you forced into it? If its so horrible, why do you continue to do it? Find other employment with better gloves.

Come and play with us, big boy - if you're not too scared. MSNBC has been profiling my agency recently; they've done three episodes, with four more to come. Perhaps watching those better than yourself do a thankless job might change your outlook. Then again, to you, Mother Teresa was a chump.
What is it you do? Work in a prison? Why would I want to do that? Nope, never had the slightest desire to do that. I take it you enjoy it or you wouldn't still be there. More power to you.

I don't understand. Are you like Mother Teresa?
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