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Originally Posted by fastbolt View Post
Actually, the "informed opinion" comment was made in general reflection, thinking back over numerous other posts made in other thread topics. Not this one, and not pertaining to what you'd posted. Didn't mean for you to take it that way. I'd have said the same thing if we'd been discussing this subject together over a cup of coffee, and you'd have been better able to realize I wasn't directing it at your comments.

If you never meant to question my experience, perhaps you might have phrased your comments a bit differently? It's not easy to read things like, "Wow! I've found someone who's really in the know!", and know how they mean their comment without being able to see facial expressions & body language, as well as hear it said.

One of the problems of the internet, right.
I've been a member here a long time. In general, I agree with your comments far more than I disagree. In this case, we'll just agree to disagree.

One thing i've learned for sure!
Never use an IPad with auto-correct when posting on Glocktalk. It sucks
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