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Originally Posted by certifiedfunds View Post
If the gloves didn't stop blood, instead of pissing and moaning and complaining to the union you could have simply gone and bought a box and stuffed a handful in your pocket each day. A big box costs like $5 and would probably last you a year. You doc would have likely just given you a box for the asking if you had explained it.

But instead you endangered your own life by using them?

If it happens again, PM me and I'll send you a box. Your d-baggery doesn't really bother me.

But since you mentioned it, if everyone was "forced to use them for months" and you're up to your elbows in infectious bodily fluids every day, how many people contracted HIV or HBV in that time period since the gloves just let the pathogens through?

Again, you miss the point. The agency is required by both contract (that they willingly signed, mind you - it's not like we can strike, so they delay and delay during contract talks) and OSHA standards to provide certain items. We are not supposed to be forced to buy items that our agency is mandated to provide.

Of course, you and your "**** you, I got mine" attitude don't matter. You'd have been a perfect robber baron, about 100 years or so ago. That's not intended as a compliment, either.

I've a feeling you just can't compensate for something, and go out of your way here on GT to berate people less wealthy than you, just to make yourself feel better. In the meantime, you send your kid off to exclusive schools, and tell yourself that because you can pay your own way, the world is a better place to be. Good luck with that. While I don't usually agree with Bruce, I gotta say - you're a dick who cares for no one but yourself. When your wife finally gets around to leaving, I hope your attorney is better than hers. Else, I think you'll find yourself in the shoes of those whom you denigrate regularly.
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