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Originally Posted by jupiter View Post
Wow! I've found someone who's really in the know!
Are you a Master Class Shooter? I bet you compete in those shooting competitions like IDPA and IPSC?
Not sure where you mean to go with some of your posts. It's somewhat apparent you're dissatisfied with some aspects of newer Glocks. Okay. Your prerogative.

FWIW, I'm neither a competitive shooter, nor am I a licensed gunsmith, engineer, factory technician, rep or salesperson.

I've been a LE firearms instructor since '90, and I've been through more than 20 armorer classes (only 3 of which have been Glock classes), so I've acquired a passing familiarity with some small number of firearms used in the LE/Gov field, and I've had the opportunity to work with both LE & non-LE shooters (which has allowed me to observe how various guns behave in the hands of some shooters/owners).

Never claimed to be anybody's "expert".

I haven't taken a job with any of the gun companies since my retirement (really thought about it, though).

I neither shill for any particular firearm company, nor profess "loyalty" to any of their products simply based upon a company. (I leave that sort of thing to folks who like to claim loyalty and allegiance to sports teams ... which is something else I don't do. )

As an armorer I've listened to any number of armorer instructors, reps, engineers and other factory folks (for assorted gun companies) who have described assorted changes, revisions & refinements involving designs, materials, manufacturing and vendors. Not uncommon in the firearms world. Sometimes changes have the desired result ... and sometimes there's an occasional unintended consequence. Things happen.

I think the internet allows little things to get blown out of proportion very easily and incredibly quickly.

I think incorrect info gets circulated and becomes accepted as "fact".

I also think that the expectations of some firearms owners can be a bit unrealistic, too.

If you're dissatisfied with your Gen4 Glock, you might consider either working with the company to resolve any realistic issues, or do so with a local Glock armorer. The company was very responsive when I was discussing my own late production Gen3 erratic ejection issues. They offered to examine the gun and try to correct anything necessary if I wanted, even though I'm an armorer. I have no complaints with their response and helpfulness.

Glocks aren't necessarily my first couple of choices for plastic pistols, but they make a fine, serviceable product. I'll continue to own and use the ones I've bought.

BTW, as an armorer for the M&P pistol (2 classes) and the SW99/P99 (3 classes), I've become aware of how each of those designs have received (and benefited from) revisions, refinements and design changes along the way, over the years. Like I said ... such things aren't uncommon.
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