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Originally Posted by hotpig View Post
CF does not want a massive tax increase. Who could blame him, it is not relevant that CF may have more money than others. It is still his money. How many others in his District can not afford a tax increase.
Someone finally hit on it.

There is a very contingent of "conservatives" on this forum that look at taxes just like liberals with the exception that they think THEY shouldnt have to pay taxes and THEIR sacred cow should be spared.

Here is how GT taxation works. Everyone making less than you isnt carrying their fair share. Everyone making more than you isnt paying their fair share.

There seems to be this idea that people time, money, property is not theirs.

What is truely separating the "conservatives" on GT from "liberals" on DU? I am really trying to figure out the taxation and personal liberty differences between the two groups? The only thing I can see at the moment is not if there are sacred cows; it is just which cow is sacred and not to be touched.
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