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Six pages of comments on a local problem. Union demonetize about something it does not have control of. The citizens that sit on the board have 100% control of the district money. They have 100% control of the hiring or firing. It is solely their decision to have career or volunteer firefighters based on their tax receipts.

They received grant money to hire 14 guys for two years. That money is running out and if they do not have the funds the guys will have to go. They ask the tax payer to keep them on. I bet they would have done the same even if they were not evil Socialist union people.

CF does not want a massive tax increase. Who could blame him, it is not relevant that CF may have more money than others. It is still his money. How many others in his District can not afford a tax increase.

We applied for this same grant. As Union President I asked the Board for six guys. They applied for three guys instead. With three guys they stand a better chance of staying on after the grant do to attrition of the current staff.
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