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Originally Posted by MarcDW View Post
I would catch up with the guy and hit him with the barrel or stock from behind over the head.
Multiple times until he drops and lets go of the child.
I would avoid shooting him specially if he ran away (without the child now)!
It would not be self defense at this time and hard to defend in court!
People are too eager to shoot others (even if they deserve it)!
It is not a pleasant experience and the aftermath is even worse!
Someone who is willing to break into your home while you are there to snatch your child has watched and planned things out, its not a random act. Leaving them alive only leaves the chance of things being repeated (only better planned). That's not a chance I'd be willing to take.

However, taking a shot at someone holding a child would only be worth the risk if they were about to enter a vehicle, an absolute last resort.
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