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Originally Posted by SpoiledBySig View Post
If Romney has no chance winning...then why has Obama been campaigning desperately like a madman these past few months?
Barone and Morris are predicting blowout landslides for Romney.

Rove and Rollins are predicting closer but solid wins.

NO ONE is predicting a landslide for Obama.
NO ONE is predicting a solid win for Obama, not since the first debate.

A lot of folks are predicting a close election, the best possibility of a win for Zero.

So its there and worse for him.

Enthusiasm like 08? Nope…gone.

Most of his administration near 10% unemployment, and has never been better than when he took office. NEVER.
Only recently has he gotten close and that was by cooking the books, undercounting those discouraged and dropped out of th work force.
Coal mines being shut down.

An Obama tax of $2000 a year avg per family in higher gas prices. Routinely double that which he inherited. DOUBLE!

Getting rid of this clown is a no-brainer. I'm amazed ANYONE is voting for Zero, except we seem to have a monopoly on stupid in this country.

Or just a craven media. If Romney loses, it will be because of them. I no longer watch the mainstream media, but I understand any real info onBenghazi is being withheld. The unemployment situation is only presented as rosy and only the administrations lies are parrotted. If I only listened to NBC I'd probably vote for Obama too.

No, No I wouldn't. Can't be that stupid.
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