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Originally Posted by wprebeck View Post
The problem I have with "some" wealthy folks is simple - they're jackasses. They feel that having money entitles them to special treatment, and to hell with the unwashed masses. I believe Marie A. has a quote attributed to her that expresses your sentiment quite nicely - just after she allegedly spoke it, she lost her head..literally.
There are many things/services that money entitles one to that the unwashed masses dont get. I hate to break it to you. I saw a woman driving a ferrari yesterday. There are expensive restaurants. Do you think that people who own boxes to football games wait in the same line for beer as the person with a simple seat? Do you think you go through the same security line if you own a private jet as you do if you are flying commercial?

If money doesnt entitle people to things, even more access to govt, call your governor and ask for a a two hour long meeting. See how far that gets you. Now try the same, having a bunch of money, and wanting to talk to him.

Money does entitle people to very many things. That is just a fact of life. You can like it or not, but that is how it works.

Originally Posted by wprebeck View Post

For example, he has no real idea WHY the fire department is having troubles, but assumes it's due to the union. In the real world, correlation does not equal causation. But, CF is so arrogant and cocksure of himself, he assumes the problem is the union.

Go back and read the post. It is about going from a volunteer system, to getting federal funding, a union moving, the federal funding drying up, union still demanding same compensation.

As I said earlier, some taxes I think are needed. Some are a total waste. You can go on this forum and welfare = bad. Saving someones mother in law = my moral responsibility. Any FD = blessed. Any LEO tax = godlike. Military tax = dont even think about questioning it. Road tax = those damn wasteful workers. Social Security = Old GTer = I earned it so its good. Social Security = Young GTer = I am going to get screwed so its bad.

People on this forum think most taxes are bad UNLESS it is their sacred cow. What people are not seeing, is the money is running out (or gone). Either some sacred cows are going to have to be scarified or each person is going to have to let a little bit of their cow be eaten.

We are headed in the direction of the Greeks. We can do something about it (maybe).

I suggest you go read the newest edition of Time magazine about the fiscal cliff we are withing months (January 1st) of going off. They make the argument we have much bigger problems than Greece. I also suggest you read the first few chapters of this book:

It explains why the economy in the 2000s was artificial and why we are where we are at. People still believe in the economy as it was. It will never be like that again.
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