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Originally Posted by Big Bird View Post
I think his point all along has been that they had a volunteer system that worked fine. The Federal government stepped in and threw some money into the mix and someone in government decided that we can have "free" paid firefighters and then that money ran out and now its no longer free and he is going to have to pay a lot of money for something that previously worked fine when it was run by volunteers.

I say fire all the firefighters and go back to the volunteer system. The people paying the bills get the say not the employees.

We had the same thing happen here in Jefferson County. Before the county took over we largely had volunteer fire departments that did an awesome job. But when the city and county government merged the metro government decided we really couldn't have volunteers when there were Union jobs with nice juicy pensions to be handed out and votes to be got. So now we have a very expensive professional firefighting force where we previously had a very competent and cost effective volunteer system.

Taxpayers loose again...
This exactly

And now that unions are involved, the budget is busted.

But you should see all of the nice custom expeditions they're driving around.
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