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Originally Posted by wprebeck View Post
Well, the first clue we had that they didn't stop BBP (bloodborne pathogens) is when the label said as much. And, we didn't "reject" them - we were forced to use them, since they were the only gloves provided, for months.
If the gloves didn't stop blood, instead of pissing and moaning and complaining to the union you could have simply gone and bought a box and stuffed a handful in your pocket each day. A big box costs like $5 and would probably last you a year. You doc would have likely just given you a box for the asking if you had explained it.

But instead you endangered your own life by using them?

If it happens again, PM me and I'll send you a box. Your d-baggery doesn't really bother me.

But since you mentioned it, if everyone was "forced to use them for months" and you're up to your elbows in infectious bodily fluids every day, how many people contracted HIV or HBV in that time period since the gloves just let the pathogens through?

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