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I live in Jefferson county - I know more than a few volunteers.

I'm not entirely sure what you mean, but you seem to be implying that the former volunteers are gone, and have been replaced by LFD. That is NOT the case, and actually has a lot of us taxpayers pissed. Here's why -

I pay taxes to my local fire department. In my case, I'm smack dab in between two different ones (Highview and Fern Creek). All the county departments have paid employees, but just a few, like the situation CF described. As I mentioned, I know a number of volunteers. My duck hunting buddy is one, as are a number of past and present coworkers.

So, each department had both paid and vollie firefighters there. I pay taxes to the department, as well. I also got a tax increase after merger, and now pay for LFD, as well. Yet, I don't get LFD service. I also don't get trash pickup for free, which is something else I pay taxes for, but don't receive, since I live in the county and not the city.

In any case, I pay more money and don't get services from LFD. How's that work? I get service from people who "might" be squared away...but, might just be on the department so they can drive fast with pretty lights and loud sirens in their personal cars. I know both types of vollie, as does ANY street cop with a volunteer station in their area.

Honestly, I'd rather have LFD service, because they are serious folks who've dedicated their lives to the fire service. Their testing procedures are very difficult, and tend to weed out the folks who just want shiny and loud things.

By the way, when did you move here? I thought you lived further west?
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