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Originally Posted by Trew2Life View Post
I don't vote with my guns and I don't shoot with my politicians (Thank you, Dick Cheney).

I'll be the first one to tell you that many of the democratics platform on gun issues is just plain wrong, but I don't believe they want to ban all gun ownership and/or take away our guns. I do empathize with a society trying desperately to deal with gun related chaos. More important to me than whether or not I can own a high capacity magazine is whether or not hungry children eat, the elderly are provided for and our veterans are honored.

Other than a love of the 2nd Amendment, the GOP just doesn't appeal to my core values.
Well, I happen to believe that in the end, the Second Amendment is the one that keeps the rest of the amendments for us. And, I would vote Republican for no other reason.
I sure miss the country I grew up in.
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