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Originally Posted by DanaT View Post
So you really think he (we) bring up these topics just for amusement?

How do you actually know what he is or is not good at? we are getting somewhere. You just dislike people that are successful.

As far as labeled not for blood borne pathogens, that is very clear why that is. That would make them a Class 1 medical device which "significantly" increases the cost.

I am about as anti-union as they come. The testing/traceability that goes into food grade gloves vs medical gloves is much different. For contact with blood borne pathogens you should be wearing proper gloves that have been tested properly.

Again, I am anti-union, but I would not subject my employees to that. In fact, safety is one area where cost is really not a question (within reason).

For such a successful person, you sorely lack an ability to comprehend what you read.

I have ZERO problems with rich folks. None, nada, nothing wrong with being rich. I could have done something to make myself wealthy, but chose a different path. Not a big deal.

The problem I have with "some" wealthy folks is simple - they're jackasses. They feel that having money entitles them to special treatment, and to hell with the unwashed masses. I believe Marie A. has a quote attributed to her that expresses your sentiment quite nicely - just after she allegedly spoke it, she lost her head..literally.

But yeah, there are a couple of well-to-do people on this board who act just like the stereotype that the liberals love to use for class warfare. And, it's annoying. As I said earlier, CF may be good at making money, but he has no idea about other things in the real world. For example, he has no real idea WHY the fire department is having troubles, but assumes it's due to the union. In the real world, correlation does not equal causation. But, CF is so arrogant and cocksure of himself, he assumes the problem is the union.

Of course, I'd assume the problem is him, and his "**** you, I got mine" attitude. But, even though that IS his attitude, I doubt it caused the economic troubles at the fire department.

I still maintain that he was more likeable when he was a stay-at-home dad. Of course, his ego probably wouldn't allow that, so he had to get another job, because taking care of a child just isn't important enough and doesn't allow one to strut about like a rooster in the pen.
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