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Originally Posted by Kingarthurhk View Post
But, that was old patrol. The new kids get nylon instead of leather and no brass to polish. Less work, and less wear and tear on the back.
Yeah, when they rolled out the nylon gear the claim was the change was to "reduce weight". You know what? My nylon duty gear weighs within a half pound of what my old leather gear weighed. So weight savings was negligible.

And the best part? The Nylon gear doesn't last. I have to replace all of it once a year because the mesquite abrades the nylon and causes it to fray. Looks like I'm wearing an afro wig around my waist about the time I have to replace it.

My old leather gear, OTOH, was just getting broken in nicely at the four year mark when they forced me to change.

The jerks even got rid of the old "cowboy cut" on the back of the uniform shirts when they went to these new BDU type unis. Oh, gee, we only had guys fight tooth and nail to keep the cowboy cut when they were forcing us out of DOJ and into DHS because the cowboy cut was part of our heritage. Then, six years later, they crap all over our heritage and the hard work of the guys who fought to keep it when we voluntarily decide to go to BDUs and nobody bothered to carry over the cowboy cut. It's little stuff, I know, but it was part of our identity. I hate it when these pencil-pushing ladder-climbers have no connection to our heritage, and no idea what the guys in the field actually want/need... they just take whatever dumb idea they happen to think is best and cram it down our throats.

Yeah, morale is awesome in the Patrol right now.
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