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Originally Posted by larry_minn View Post
They had to get new fire pumper truck. I asked what was wrong with old one? I was told new insurance requirements said the pumper must be rated to X thousand gallons per minute. So I asked if they ever had situation where they didn't have enough GPM? The answer not even close. There is not even a 3 story building in area.
ISO goes by potential need. If you have a station full of trucks that do not meet the fire flow than as far as they are concerned you do not have fire protection.

Really the Insurance companies run the FD. They tell you where to put the station. What trucks to use. How many personnel. What to train on and how much to train. What other equipment to have on the trucks. Where to have hydrants and how much water they flow.

If you follow their "recommendations" they will award your tax payers with much discounted insurance. If you choose to ignore them you end up paying inflated insurance even if you have a good fd.
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