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Originally Posted by wprebeck View Post
Right. Where did I say they didn't let water in? This is the kind of tripe I've learned to expect from a soft ass dilettante such as yourself. Yeah, you're good with money, but that's about it. You have no idea what of what you speak, and are the poster child for the libs when they point out rich folks to demonize.
So you really think he (we) bring up these topics just for amusement?

How do you actually know what he is or is not good at?

Originally Posted by wprebeck View Post
Personally, I have no problem with wealthy folks. But, you and one other assclown on this board go out of your way to make people dislike you. Try being a stay at home dad again - you were more likeable then. But, I guess doing something worthwhile with your life was too boring...

As to the gloves - when the packaging specifically states they are not for use with bloodborne pathogens, I suppose I should assume they're lying, and risk my life on your ill-informed candy ass speculation? we are getting somewhere. You just dislike people that are successful.

As far as labeled not for blood borne pathogens, that is very clear why that is. That would make them a Class 1 medical device which "significantly" increases the cost.

I am about as anti-union as they come. The testing/traceability that goes into food grade gloves vs medical gloves is much different. For contact with blood borne pathogens you should be wearing proper gloves that have been tested properly.

Again, I am anti-union, but I would not subject my employees to that. In fact, safety is one area where cost is really not a question (within reason).
Twice a week? 14 times a month?
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