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Originally Posted by Marshall_tx View Post
Just wondering, does anyone know of a vendor that sells Glock replacement parts so we could swap out the "compromised" or less durable parts with cast metal pieces or something other than MIM? I know allot of the parts aren't showing people any trouble for the most part, but I just prefer the idea of having the "more" durable parts in the firearm. Especially like the extractor, and related parts. I also noticed on the older glocks the trigger has ridges on it, but the new glocks, the trigger is just smooth (saving $ by reducing processes). I liked the grooves in the older glocks but to each his own.
Here you are for extractors.

The groves on the trigger is a points driven scheme by BATFE to be importable only required on compacts and sub compact Glocks. Full size Glock have smooth trigger and If you really like the grooved trigger you can put one in your full sized gun or vise versa.
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