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Originally Posted by wprebeck View Post
Since you're painting with such a broad brush, you won't mind some anti-women comments, will ya?

You ever worked a public safety job? Yeah, didn't think so. There's a reason we have unions (those of us allowed to by state law, that is). Here's a good example for you -

My contract requires that the department provide adequate safety equipment for us at the jail. Odd that this should be in a contract, and not common sense, no? Well, a large part of our job entails searching people with less than proper hygiene, not to mention all the blood we come into contact with during fights and such. Our fine agency decided to save money by buying rubber gloves for food service use.

Yep - they weren't bloodborne pathogen resistant, and said as much on the box. We fought the department for almost a year on this issue, and had to file a formal grievance that almost went to the mayor's office before the administration did something as simple as BUYING GLOVES THAT PREVENTED EXPOSURE TO BLOODBORNE PATHOGENS.

This is but one of MANY issues our union has fought for in the past. Stupid disciplinary issues, pay issues, more safety concerns...all without an increase in costs to the taxpayer. Unless you count all the times the administration does stupid stuff, and gets bit in the butt for it.

So, anything else you'd like to say about unions? I get gloves to wear to help minimize my exposure to AIDS/hepatitus/etc when I fight combative inmates or respond to medical emergencies that expose me to blood. That's reason enough for us to have a union. But, go ahead and buy the party line without knowing a damn thing about the topic, much less have experience in a union - specifically, a public safety union.

Oh, and we're the Fraternal Order of Police, for the record.
Why would inadequate safety equipment be a union issue? Why wouldn't it be an OSHA issue (or, really, a contract issue- I assume the employment contract has something in it about supplying adequate safety equipment)?
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