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Originally Posted by fastbolt View Post
Show me a major gun company that isn't constantly looking to reduce costs, especially one that competes for LE/Gov sales ...
Sure..... every Company is looking to save money. Some just refuse to do it at the expense of quality.
Look at some of the Companies that are doing really well right now like BCM. I would be willing to bet their sales would go to hell if they started putting in sub-standard parts.
Even Colt is selling the LE6920 with a better stock (Rogers Super Stoc) than the rattle trap they were using.
People buy these guns because of the Quality.

I don't think most of the large LE/Gov. sales are going to DPMS and STAG.

I would have rather had Glock raise the price of their pistols by $50 dollars and keep the same extractors etc. than put in something that may or may not be as good. They could keep that 3rd magazine they now include with the Gen4s.
I hate Chevy Silverado pickups!

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