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"Now, consider the fact that everyone is required to qualify four times a year, and there is a lot of "range play" as well that consume rounds: shoot and move, down and disabled, on and on."
"It is a package deal. Also, the philosophy is to qualify with what you are going to carry, so it has never been full metal jackets, it has always been hollow points. "
Kingarthurhk! What are you basing this on? Who says "everyone" is required to qualify four times a year? And what does "package deal" mean? And how can you possibly compare the ammo used by the military, fighting a war, to a law enforcement agency?

And anyone who says JHP rounds are cheaper then FMJ rounds have not shopped around enough for the best price! Why do you think every major police department uses FMJ rounds to qualify? According to you it's because they cost more!!
30 years with the largest police department on the west coast and I have not heard of any of this.
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