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Originally Posted by podwich View Post
I'm still not sure what the complaint about CF is. All sorts of people come here talking about/complaining about/trying to change stuff that affects them. What do you have against CF? He has money?

What's fair about some people paying in much less in taxes than they get back in benefits and other people paying in much more in taxes than they get back in benefits? Unless you come from a viewpoint where all property is owned and distributed by the State, how is taking from one and giving to another fair? I can see how equally spreading the cost of government across all people is fair (and would cause people to truly evaluate said government's value) but I don't understand how you can call "robbing Peter to pay Paul" fair.
Don't know CF. Have no interest in the man. What he has or does not have is irrelevant. He gets the same considerate treatment he dishes out.

As to taxation, whiners can always be relied upon to whine. Of course they cloak it under all sorts of excuses, but when the fluff is scrapped off, what remains is just excuses.

The majority of Americans in local communities, states and at the fed. level are happily the ones who make the decisions that matter. And... the whiners live with the consequences.
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