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Use the 357, and be ready to potentially need to make a follow up shot. I've taken a doe @ 50 yards with a 180gr XTP 10mm pushing the bullet along at 1300fps. I figure you can get the job done with the 357 Mag and a hot loaded 158 SP so long as you make a good hit on the vitals.

Handgun hunting is fun, and is a rich hunting experience when you make your first harvest with one. I've been debating on whether I want to get a 44 Mag, or 454 Casull for a dedicated hunting revolver. I figure I can load them down for practice or just use 44 specials or 45LC's depending on what I end up with. I think I'd really prefer the 454 Casull, but handloading components are so much cheaper for the 44Mag....

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