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Originally Posted by podwich View Post
For local taxes like CF is talking about, why shouldn't he get personally involved like he is? Why are you getting into it? It affects him, not you. He comes here to a public forum and blows about how upsetting it is to him that he can't control everything every where in his community exactly and precisely as he desires. The public responds. What's not to like?

For federal taxes, everyone should pay their fair (equal) share. Then you can reasonably tell people to shut up about paying taxes. Telling people to shut and and pay when they pay an extremely higher amount of money than you do is stupid (and not cool, of course).


At issue is a local tax matter. The complaints airs are typical of those who only want what they want at the local level. They have not yet learned that not only is the U.S. Army not a "Army of one," but that the local community like the state and the nation is not comprised of or purposed for the satisfaction of "the one."

Fair? Fair for the devotees of Rand and company is of course the robber baron vision of America. Happily America sees things differently. America sees things in terms of "We the people." That chaffs the post-modern robber baron aspirants. Tough. They'll get better. Just Hand eliminate their drinking the Koch koolaid.
The irony of the situation here is that you fail to realize that a very small group of people have tilted the table in their favor, at the direct expense of others. I aim to tilt it in mine for the benefit of the larger group -- and myself because myself matters the most. The public can come along or they can fight me. I suspect they will come along. No taxpayer deserves to be held hostage by a scum sucking union.
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