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Originally Posted by msu_grad_121 View Post
Funny, this just came up a few days ago on mids. One of the shift's "old timers" was giving the newb on afternoons grief for her boots looking like mirrors, and started in on me, too. Mine aren't shined like hers, but they're definitely better than his. "Oh it's not tactical to have your boots shined like that."

I just told him that by that logic, his shiny bald head isn't tactical, either, and FAR more likely to light him up than our boots.
Speaking of not tactical. We had a former police officer from New Orleans come to our border patrol station as a trainee. I would always show up to muster early, it helps to get a seat in the back. I would smell him comming and call out his name before he reached the muster room. He asked me how I knew it was him. I told him it was his aftershave that was pretty pungent. I told him, I could smell him, when wind changes direction in the brush so could all the illegals. No one smells like that out in the brush.
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