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Originally Posted by devildog2067 View Post
I'm not going to argue that the Department of Defense is run correctly, or that it's efficient, or that it makes the best use of my taxpayer dollar. They could spend less money and still defend our country.

But if you honestly think the Department of Defense delivers zero value to the taxpayer you are absolutely insane. It's not an accident that America hasn't been invaded in 200 years--it's a strong military and good natural borders.
Insane. No. The U.S. has been happily safe from a chaotic world due to the Pacific and Atlantic oceans which provided a happy isolation from the stupid wars of stupid people the world over. These two oceans are still in place. They remain remarkably effective.

Not invaded in 200 years? Think back to 1812.

I criticize the dod for the same reason others criticize FEMA, etc. Yesterday afternoon I went in a Wendy's for a Frosty. Outside I saw a serviceman with a duffle bag walking toward the base. When I had paid, I went out to the car and drove down the street looking for that man. I could not find him among the buildings, etc. If I could have, I would have offered him a ride out to the base. I have no beef with servicemen. But I will not quietly go along with the outrageous waste driven by the dod and its contractors who together suck off tax money far beyond what is necessary or needed for national defense.
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