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Originally Posted by Trigger Finger View Post
This really makes me wonder why the government is arming and supplying tens of thousands of rounds of ammunition to the Social Security Administration and the National Weather Service.

I can't figure it out other then perhaps the government is getting ready for an anticipated uprising.

I had no idea that this much ammunition was being bought and who was getting it.

Maybe I need to buy a thousand more rounds of ammo to go with my current stash.

What do you guys think? Be alert because something is in the works or no big deal!!!
I am really suprised this silliness ended up here of all places.

Every part of government has an investigative arm, even the postal service. Now, consider the fact that everyone is required to qualify four times a year, and there is a lot of "range play" as well that consume rounds: shoot and move, down and disabled, on and on. Then consider that they are required to issue duty ammo, and practice ammo, and some folks are great shots and others are not. So, you find some people requalifying on range day, that is a buttload of ammo.

There is no grand conspiiracy going on. A lot more ammo goes to the military and no one is running around declaring the sky is falling.
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