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Originally Posted by Brucev View Post
I've read the thread as it stood when the response was posted. The complaint, etc. boiled down to the same kabuki posturing protesting outrage at whatever it is that chaffs you.

As to additional tax and value received, it's irrelevant. Many Americans pay taxes for a dod that gives them exactly zero value. Many Americans pay for a fed. govt. that bails out wingtippers on wall street, from which they receive not value at all. Why should anyone care when you puff and blow over your bruised wallet? It's irrelevant. It just doesn't matter.
For local taxes like CF is talking about, why shouldn't he get personally involved like he is? Why are you getting into it? It affects him, not you.

For federal taxes, everyone should pay their fair (equal) share. Then you can reasonably tell people to shut up about paying taxes. Telling people to shut and and pay when they pay an extremely higher amount of money than you do is stupid (and not cool, of course).

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